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Tell us a little bit more about where you are in the loan process.

I've started my application but haven't chosen a loan product yet.

You might still be working on your application, wishing to add a cosigner, or maybe you've submitted the application but haven't yet chosen a loan product. Enter your user id and password on the next page and you can continue on.

I've already been approved and have selected a loan product, but my funds haven't been sent yet.

In order to see the status of a loan that is currently processing, you will need to have your Case ID handy. This was provided at the point your initial application was pre-approved. Can't locate your Case ID? Call us at 800-988-6333 or email, and we'll get it to you.

My loan proceeds have already been sent. What's next?

Our loan servicing department will be able to assist you further. After logging in on the next page, you can find information about making payments, borrower options, auto-debit enrollment, payment schedules, etc.